Demolition & Parking Restoration

There are 462 buildings identified as unsafe with respect to fire, structure, serious rule violations and parking space default in 2008. In public interest litigation in WP No.47702 of 2006, the High Court of Chennai has directed the Coimbatore Corporation to take continuous action by establishing a Mobile Demolition/Eviction team in Coimbatore. Accordingly, a Mobile Demolition Team is constituted in 2009 by acquiring materials demolition materials worth about Rs.3.5 lakhs and the team has either demolished or restored the parking spaces or sealed 64 buildings in coordination with LPA, which have power to do such activities and reported to the Hona’ble High Court, and the Court has appreciated the Corporation for taking such a measures to control the unsafe buildings in Coimbatore. The services of the Demolition Team will continue to remove unauthorised/deviated, seriously violated buildings, encroachments, to restore the parking place violations, etc.

Power delegation to lock & seal: 

The CCMC Act has no clearly defined power to take coercive action against the unlawful building and requested the DTCP to delegate the sealing power contained in Town and Country Planning Act. Now the Government has delegated the powers of sealing seriously violated buildings in Go.Ms.No.289, H&UD Dept; dt.16.12.2011 and based on which the LPA, Coimbatore delegated its power to CCMC in the Proceedings Roc.No.120/2011 LPA-1; dt.14.2.2011 after obtaining approval in LPA resolution No.12; dt.27.1.2011. Hereafter the violated buildings can be regulated independently by using the delegated power by Coimbatore Corporation.