The Corporation is divided in to Five Zones.  Each Zone is headed by Assistant Commissioner and assisted by Assistant Revenue Officer, Special Revenue Inspector,  Bill Collectors  and  Junior Assistants. 

In the Main Office, The  Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner (Revenue)  are  monitoring the entire Revenue process.                                

The following Taxes & Non-Tax  assessment and collection works are being carried  out  under Revenue Section.

·    Property Tax  Assessment

·    Vacant  Land Tax Assessment

·    Profession Tax  Assessment

·    Non –tax Assessment

·    Name Transfer on Property Tax / Water Connection / VLT

Application may be submitted in the respective Zonal Offices during the office hours on all working days,   for the above mentioned services,

1.Property Tax 

Property Tax is one of the main income sources of the Corporation.  It is being collected  twice in a year,  as half yearly  tax. (Apr. & Oct.).

Details to be submitted for New Assessment of  Property Tax

·        Prescribed application form with applicants’ passport size photo.

·        Document  copy  & Parent Document copy.

·        Building Plan Approval Order copy & Plan copy.

·        Adhar Copy of the applicant.

·        Up-to-date   EC copy.

·        Rain Water Harvest photo with the applicant.

·        Vacant Land Tax paid receipt.

·        Up-to-date  Property Tax & Water charges receipt in case of additional construction.

·         Rs.40/- stamped self addressed cover. 

·       After field inspection,  Notice will be issued to  the applicant asking to pay Town Planning Charges in case of any Deviated /  Un-approved    building  or the  portion  constructed.

2.     Vacant Land Tax Assessment

VLT levied for the period of 13 half years including the current half yearly, and it will be continued every half year (Apr.& Oct.) upto the period of building construction. 

As per Council Resolution No. 208 dated 29.12.2011,VLT is calculated,  40 to 60 paise per sq.ft in the old corporation 60words & 10 to 40 paise per sq.ft in the newly added area of 40wards based on the location with prior effect from 01.10.2009 and 60 paise per sq.ft. is calculated for all 100 wards uniformly from 01.10.2017, as per Council Resolution No.237 dated 16.10.2017.              

Details to be submitted for New Assessment of Vacant Land Tax 

·        Prescribed application form with applicants’ passport size photo.

·        Document copy & Parent Document copy.

·        Up-to-date   EC copy.

·        Adhar Copy of the applicant .

·        Rs.40/- stamped self addressed cover. 

3.     Profession Tax

Another important revenue of Corporation is Profession Tax. 

Profession Tax is levied as per chapter V-A of the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation Act 1981 Tax on Profession, Trade, Calling and Employment.  All persons who earns more than Rs.21,000 per half year is liable to pay Profession Tax (Feb & Aug).   The Profession Tax tariff is given below, as per the Council Resolution No.158   dt.06.08.2018.


Half Yearly                             Gross Income

Profession  Tax                                                                              

upto 30.09.2018

from 01.10.2018

Upto  Rs.21,000



Rs. 21,001 to 30,000

Rs. 127

Rs. 171

Rs. 30,001 to 45,000

Rs. 317

Rs. 428

Rs. 45,001 to 60,000

Rs. 634

Rs. 856

Rs. 60,001 to 75,000

Rs. 950

Rs. 1250

Above Rs.75,000

Rs. 1250

Rs. 1250














 Details to be submitted for  Enroll to  Profession Tax

1.     Application with the particulars of  Employees & Employer’s Half Yearly  Average Gross Salary to be submitted to levy Profession Tax.    

2.    It  is liable to pay Profession Tax in the Trade / Organization  Names with the maximum  rate  of  tax.

4.Non – Tax 

Corporation owned Annual Lease items like Vegetable  Market, Parking lots, Pay and Use Toilet, Bus stand entrance Fee & etc., and  Monthly Rental Shops  are  being  leased out through E-auction / Tender.

5. Details to be submitted for  Name Transfer on Property Tax/               

     Vacant Land Tax / Water Connection 

·       Prescribed application form with applicants’ passport size photo for Property Tax, Vacant Land Tax & Water Connection.

·        Document copy & Parent  Document copy.

·        Payment receipt for 0.1% of Property Value mentioned in the document, except will document.

·        Up-to-date  dues receipts of respect Property Tax /VLT/Water Charges.