There are 11- Allopathic, 3 - Ayurvedic, 2 - Siddha dispensaries functioning in this corporation. All these dispensaries are treating patients as out-patients for all minor ailments.

  • T.B. Microscopic sputum test facility is available.
  • T.B. Drugs are issued in all centers, free of cost


  • Medical Officer
  • Pharmacist
  • Male Nursing Assistant / Female Nursing Assistant
  • Sweeper

Public Health Laboratory

Corporation runs a public health labortatory at SLM Home premises, Brook Bund Road. The following tests are available in the above lab free of cost.

  1. Blood test - CBC -Complete Blood Count.(HB, TC, DC, ESR,Urea, Creatinine)
  2. Urine test - Complete Test. (Albumin,Sugar, Bile Salts, Bile pigment)
  3. Sputum test - AFB (Gram Stain - for TB)
  4. Semen Analysis
  5. Smear for Malaria and Filaria.
  6. Vaginal Smear for sexually Transmitted Diseases
  7. Blood Biochemistry - SGOT, SGPT, - Serum bilirubin.

ECG test is available in this lab free of cost for the patients referred by corporation Medical officers and at Rs.40/- for the patients referred by other private doctors.