Legal Wing

The civic affairs of the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation, Coimbatore,include handling of Court cases pertaining to the civic needs of the Citizens of Coimbatore, besides enforcement of the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation Act 1981, Rules and Bye-Laws etc., in the various Administrative sections of the Corporation.

In the context of the growing awareness about the needs and Rights of the Citizens, the responsibilities of the Corporation, have all the more increased manifold in the sense that it is required to play the part of a Watch Dog for the successful functioning of the Corporation on a par with the Global standard in the best interests of the Tax Payers. To cope up with these duties and responsibilities, a separate Legal Wing has been instituted in the Administrative Section of the Corporation.


The Legal Wing is headed by a Law Officer with necessary Legal background, and functioning under the Administrative control of the Commissioner, Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation. Under his supervisory control one Suit Clerk in the Main Office and 5 numbers of Suit Clerks in the five Zonal Offices are working. All correspondence pertaining to Legal matters of the Corporation emanating from the Zonal Offices and the Corporation Main Office are dealt with in the Legal Wing.

Duties & Responsibilities of the Law Officer and the Suit Clerks

It is the primary duty & responsibility of the Law Officer of the Corporation to ensure that all the Court Cases are dealt with efficiently and promptly by the Suit Clerks under his control so that the Corporation is rendered justice in the true sense as per law.

Proper rapport should be maintained with the Standing Counsels of the Corporation while dealing with the Court Cases.

The Heads of Departments of the Corporation will be pulled up by the Corporation as and when delays are noticed in furnishing the details and producing documents pertaining to the Court Cases for the main reason that such delays will prove to be detrimental to the interest of the Corporation in conducting the cases in the Courts of Law.

Appointment of the Corporation Standing Counsels

Two Standing Counsels are appointed to deal with District level Cases and four Standing Counsels are appointed to deal with Appeals and Writ Petitions in the High Court at Madras with the approval of the Corporation Council. Apart from the above, Senior Counsels will be engaged by the Corporation as and when required to defend the cases successfully.

Responsibilities of the Corporation Standing Counsels

Appearing before the Court and defending the cases on behalf of the Corporation promptly, effectively, efficiently and successfully.

To obtain necessary instructions, particulars and relevant records from the Corporation Main Office and the Zonal Offices then and there.

Drafting of Written Statements, Affidavits, Counter Affidavits and Appeal Petitions on the basis of the particulars and documents furnished by the Corporation.

Prompt rendering of Legal Opinion and advice as and when sought for by the Corporation.

Maintaining cordiality with the Corporation Staff.

Duties & Responsibilities of the Heads of Departments

Prompt dealing and monitoring of the Court Cases.

Aiding the Corporation Standing Counsels in the preparation of draft Written Statements, Affidavits, Counter Affidavits and Appeal Petitions.

Supplying of relevant documents, records and particulars as and when required by the Corporation Standing Counsels in time.

Maintaining a call book to watch the Prompt disposal of the Court Cases.

Seeking of Legal advice from the Corporation Standing Counsels while drafting of Tender notices and draft agreements as and when found necessary.