Laws, Rules, Statutory Provisions releted to Town Planning

The following are the Town Planning laws, rules, bylaws, regulations to be followed in the day to day functions:-

  • Zoning Regulations
  • Rules for Factory Plans
  • TN.District Municipalities Building Rules, 1972
  • Development Control Rules
  • Multi storeyed Buildings and Public Building Rules
  • Checklist of building applications
  • List of mandatory document for all types of buildings & land development
  • Fee Schedule
  • Labour Welfare Fund calculation formula
  • Underground Drainage Charges calculation formula
  • Extract from Town and Country Planning Act, 1971 related to building plan approval.
  • Extract from CCMC Act, 1981 related to Town Planning
  • Hoardings Act & Rules
  • Directions to safeguard OSR
  • Special Rules for Regulating the Construction and Maintenance in the Vicinity of Civil Aerodromes
  • LBS Bylaw & List of LBS
  • Layout simplified procedure
  • Rules on Solar Water Heating System
  • Specimen copy of Stability Certificate
  • Rulings
  • Government Orders related to Town Planning
  • Important photos related to Town Planning
  • Reviewed Master Plan of Coimbatore,2011
  • Bus route & Timings