Asset Management

A software called Asset Management is prepared in 2010 with the assistance of M/s R.S.Masters Solutions Private Limited on sponsorship basis to create database for all the assets of Corporation. At present 10500 entries are made and it shows the asset value as Rs.1700 crores and expected asset is about one lakh. With a single command, the total assets & liabilities of Corporation can easily be known. Once the validation of all assets & Liabilities are completed, the Management of software can be handled easily for easy Accounting, Auditing, obtaining the Asset Value distributed ward wise and to estimate the present cost of Corporation’s Immovable and movable Assets.

Recovery of Open Space Reservation from land encroachers:

An initiative is taken in 2008 to identify the open space reserve sites, which were in the hands of promoters and encroachers. As a result 611 sites worth about several crores of rupees were recovered. In the subsequent operations about 50 such sites are recovered from the encroachers. All these assets are being registered in the Asset Management software. Now the Corporation has developed parks in 52 of these sites and has a plan to develop at least 25 such sites as parks every year.