Local Planning Authority

The Local Planning Area was notified and the Local Planning Authority (LPA) was constituted in Coimbatore under Town and Country Planning Act, 1971 (T&CP Act, 1971) in 1974. The LPA is headed by the Chairman & District Collector and a Committee nominated by the Government and the Member-Secretary, who heads the executive side. It is responsible for the enforcement of Town and Country Planning Act & rules provisions. CCMC has a limited role to coordinate with LPA and in the enforcement of planning laws and rules

The total extent of Coimbatore local planning area is 1276sqkms with 16.94 lakhs population as per 2001 Census. The LPA has prepared Master Plan for Coimbatore in 1994(approved in Go.Ms.No.661, H&UD Dept; dt 12.10.1994) and now it is reviewed with the consent of the Government. It has also prepared, approved 276 Detailed Development Plans and being enforced in coordination with CCMC. Unless the Planning Permission is obtained under sec.49 of T&CP Act, 1971 for the development of any land or building, no local body can give building/layout permission in the notified planning areas and thus the authority to enforce the T&CP Act, 1971 is LPA. The local body can exercise the provisions of Town and Country Planning Act only under delegated powers.

Delegation of Power from LPA

The Director of Town and Country Planning, Chennai in his Proceedings Roc.No.9862/10 BA1; dt.14.6.2010 has delegated the following powers under sec.49 of Town and Country Planning Act, 1971 for the grant of Planning & Building permission without referring the applications to LPA subject to the conditions mentioned hereunder.