Street Vendor Policy

In order to tackle the problems of over congestion in the streets/roads and pedestrian pathway due to unauthorised encroachments by the vendors/hawkers, Coimbatore Corporation has devised a City Vendor Policy in accordance with guidelines outlined in the Street Vendor Policy of the Government of India, Government of Tamilnadu and the directions of Supreme Court of India. The Town Level Vending Committee is constituted under the Chairmanship of District Collector. The survey of the street vendors of whole city is completed with the help of NGO called Center for e governance with reference to their family background, trade, duration of trading, income, etc and all of them were given identity cards. Due to administrative inconvenience the physical progress could not be shown now and the same will be achieved in a short span of time.

Collection of license fee on unauthorised buildings

The property tax will be assessed for all the properties irrespective of the fact whether that is approved or not, the unapproved building will be levied a penalty of Rs.0.50 per sqft per half year. With that tax paid receipt the assessee will get all the required facilities like water supply, underground drainage, power supply connections, ration card through which all the benefits available from the Government. There is no provision to demolish such unapproved buildings in the Act. Thus the plan approval of that building will become a permanent question, due to which the enforcement will become weak; Corporation will loose its revenue in the form of various types of plan approval fees.

In order overcome such an issue a system of collection of all types of plan approval fees is collected while property tax is assessed for the building, through a sizable amount of revenue is generated.