Weed Management

The weeds are growing in all the earthen surfaces rapidly because of the prevailing climatic and soil conditions in Coimbatore. It is a place to throw the garbage, waste, etc and thus become a place of unhealthy, which is noticed in the unused areas of all the public buildings like schools, hospitals, parks, offices, road sides, etc. A system developed by the Tamilnadu Agricultural University (TNAU), Coimbatore is introduced in Coimbatore Corporation to control the weeds. 

A chemical is sprayed over the weeds one day before and on the next day the weed removal is used to remove the weeds very easily, quickly. The weed will not grow again for 9 months in that place. The weed removal machine is a handheld one, can be operated easily by the Sanitary worker and the weeds are removed using air pressure. With an investment of few thousands all the areas are getting neat and clean.