1. Procedure for registration

2. List of contractors




5.1 - Statement showing Status of number of Water/ LJGSS Connections provided

5.2 - Statement showing status of TNUFIP Project Management & Completion as Match 2024

5.3 - Assessment of Performance Incentive for Wastewater Reuse

5.4 - Assessment of Performance Incentive for Wastewater Reuse & Faecal Sludge Management during 2023-2024

5.5 - Assessment of Performance Incentive for Gender Action Plan (GAP) Implementation


The Engineering Department is primarily responsible for the proper management and execution of works besides planning, preparation and implementation of all developmental works of the Corporation. This department is headed by the City Engineer to assist the Commissioner. There are two Executive Engineers, E.E (west) for west and south zones and E.E (east) for east and north zones. There is one Assistant Executive Engineer for each of the four zones and a junior / Assistant Engineer for every two divisions. In addition to its own functions, since 1996, the department is also responsible for the town planning and solid waste management aspects. In addition to the above one AEE of main office and one AE are fully entrusted with the main office maintenance work and maintenance of vehicles of the corporation.

The department is also responsible for ensuring the quality of the works and their execution in a time bound manner.


Functions - Engineering Department

  • Undertaking development works
  • Maintenance of roads, water supply, under ground drainage system, street lights, annual maintenance of the buildings of the Corporation and solid waste management
  • Preparation of estimates and ensuring quality control

Roads and Pavements:

Tar roads and cement concrete roads to length of 1150 Km are maintained by the Coimbatore city municipal corporation in connection with the folding of world classical Tamil conference, elegant foot paths are provided on the cites arterial roads.

Street lights:

Street lights have been provided in the city and they are effectively maintained through a private agency by Salzer Company.


Parks have been provided in the city for recreation of the public, which is found to be very beneficial to them . All amenities have been provided in these parks.

Public Toilet:

Public toilets are provided by the corporation for use by the public.Ozonators are provided at these toilet and they are well maintained through private agencies.

Strom water drains:

Strom water drains have been provided in most of the areas of the city for draining of rain water.

Bus Stands:

Five bus stands in the city are well maintained by the corporation. A new bus stand with modern amenities has been constructed at Mettupalayam road.

Maintenance works through private agencies:

All the parks, public toilets and street lights in the city are well maintained through private agencies.