This department is headed by an Assistant Commissoner (Revenue), assisted by five Assistant Revenue Officers and Bill Collectors. Property Tax is one of the main sources of income of the Corporation.

There are 4,11,075 Property Tax assessments as on 28.02.2013. There are 95 annual lease items like Market, parking, Pay and Use Toilet etc., which are leased out to lessees on annual lease basis. Apart from annual lease items there are 3005 monthly rental shop located in Corporation Shopping Complexes leased out to lessees on monthly rental basis. Annual demand for both annual and monthly rental shop per annum is around Rs.16.40 Cr as on 28.02.2013

Another important revenue of Coimbatore Corporation is Profession Tax. All persons who earns more than Rs. 21,000 per year is liable to pay Profession Tax. The Profession Tax tariff is given below:-



Half Yearly Gross Income Professional Tax up to 31-March-2014 22-January-2015 onwards
Upto Rs. 21,000 NIL NIL
Rs. 21,001 to 30,000 Rs. 98 Rs. 127
Rs. 30,001 to 45,000 Rs. 244 Rs. 317
Rs. 45,001 to 60,000 Rs. 488 Rs. 634
Rs. 60,001 to 75,000 Rs. 731 Rs. 950
Above Rs. 75,000 Rs. 975 Rs. 1250


The following services are being rendered by the Revenue Section

  • Property Tax Assessment
  • Property Tax on Vacant Land Tax Assessment
  • Property Tax name transfer
  • Property sub division name transfer

Application may be submitted in the respective Zonal Offices during the office hours on all working days. The following documents to be enclosed at the time of submission of application

New Assessment of Property Tax

  • Prescribed application form
  • Document copy
  • Building Plan Approval
  • Town Planning Charges for the deviated / unapproved building Area

Property Tax Name Transfer

  • Prescribed application form
  • Property tax book copy with up to date payment
  • Affidavit
  • Document copy
  • Death Certificate
  • Heirship Certificate
  • If document registered more than 10 years before, non encumference certificate

New Assessment of Vacant Land Tax

  • Prescribed Application form
  • Document copy
  • If document registered more than 10 years before, non encumference certificate

Sub division Name transfer

  • Prescribed Application form
  • Document copy
  • Property Tax book copy with upto date payment


Rate of Vacant Land Tax

  • 1.125% for old corporation area and 0.5% for newly added area of Guideline value of the land up to 30.09.2009
  • Afterwards w.e.f 01.10.2017 Square feet value (i.e)  60 paise per Sq.ft of Vacant land
  • VLT will be levied for 13 half years